Wamesit Lanes Finds Success In Leagues During A Time Of Adversity


“We were looking for the future of league management. We were looking for something APP-Based that could keep all bowlers engaged. We wanted easy sign-ups and easy payments. We most of all wanted to remove the traditional manual payment process.”

- Don Maclaren Jr


Wamesit Lanes has taken advantage of LeaguePals full suite of league management features and has been able to implement online registration for their leagues through the lobby, accept online payments for entry fee and dues payments, implement Cloud Scoring with direct integration to their Brunswick Sync Scoring System for faster standings updates, and less manual paperwork.


Wamesit Lanes implemented online registration for leagues, and collected entry fees to reserve bowlers’ positions weeks ahead of league start via the league lobby. Then over two league seasons were able to achieve a 100% adoption rate for online dues payments by requiring their bowlers to utilize LeaguePals. They also improved league communication with bowlers through targeted push notifications to individual leagues.

“Navigating through the software has saved time. Communicating to the League is much easier & quicker. We have reduced a significant amount of paper waste.”

- Don Maclaren Jr

Wamesit Lanes Lobby
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Overcoming Resistance To Change And Achieving 100% Payment Adoption

“It has been a real struggle for the past 2-years but we have maintained course to get everyone to adapt to change. Covid has actually made it easier to accept the change. We have had to work with many of our league bowlers to understand the APP. Most understood it and would help other league bowlers.”

- Don Maclaren Jr

Future Goals

“We plan on maintaining our league bowling as a long-term goal. We may switch some nights up to 2-game leagues and try to draw younger crowds and youth leagues. We would like to see league pals integrated with our golf, cribbage, & corn-hole leagues. We could utilize the APP for tournaments specific to our bowlers or even the open public.”

- Don Maclaren Jr

LeaguePals Recommendation

“The time is now to utilize LeaguePals. You have to be respectful of your league bowlers as people naturally don't take well to change. However, during a pandemic, its the perfect excuse for change and innovation. It took me 2-years to convince my management team (which came from a traditional center) of the change and they 100% agree that it was a great move. We originally tested it out with our own Employee Bowling League for 14 weeks. We then introduced it to the bowlers to test it out and give feedback. We then required it for all of our leagues after receiving the feedback.”

- Don Maclaren Jr

Bowling League Tournaments

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