League Management Has Never Been This Easy

League Accounting

Money envelopes are time consuming, hard to read, and full of errors. Our “Digital Envelope” makes league accounting instant and accurate with online and cash payments recorded and automatically reconciled in the cloud.

Cloud League Scoring

Scores and standings are automatically updated minutes after the last ball is thrown in league, and our Cloud League Scoring integrates with your scoring system giving you the freedom of accessing your leagues anywhere.


Online league payments introduces security never before possible with league funds. We take security very seriously as payments are processed with the highest level of security, and online payments are guaranteed.*

Online Payments
Digital Envelope
Cash Payments In Center
Automatic Scores Updating
Stats And Standings
Detailed Reporting
Push Notifications
Virtual League Secretary

Why LeaguePals?

Bowling leagues cannot continue with limited success. They deserve a fully featured and integrated platform that makes league management simple.

Peace Of Mind And Loss Prevention

Our Digital Envelope automatically reconciles each league's accounting giving transparency into the envelopes like never before. It serves as a great loss prevention tool to maintain your leagues' profitability, while behind dues reminders prompt your bowlers to pay on time.

Mass pay wizard to enter cash payments into league bowler accounts.
League notifications for standings update, substitute bowlers verification, and custom league notifications for specials.

Save Time, Money And Frustration

Streamline and automate all league management tasks so you can focus on more important things. Leagues run effortlessly, and when they need action, we will let you know!

League notifications for standings update, substitute bowlers verification, and custom league notifications for specials.

Increased Food And Beverage Sales

With bowlers paying online, F&B sales have been reported to grow by up to 20% due to bowlers having more cash in their pockets inside your bowling center!

Pay bowling league dues online or setup a recurring payment with a debit or credit card.
Bowling league manager standings page to edit scores, stats, and standings.

Engage Today's League Bowler While Attracting Tomorrow's

Offer a familiar but modern league experience that engages today's league bowler, and keeps them coming back to your center for more leagues. Attract tomorrows league bowler by offering them an experience they would expect.

Bowling league manager standings page to edit scores, stats, and standings.

Cashless Is The Future Of Payments

Get paid in full, on time, effortlessly from your bowlers straight to your bank. Online league payments eliminates the inefficiencies of managing cash, and unlocks invaluable data insights into your league bowlers to maximize revenue.

Pay bowling league dues online, and add your debit or credit card.  Cashless bowling league

Success Stories


We believe that LeaguePals is what today’s AND tomorrow’s bowlers are looking for in a modern bowling experience.”

Corey Dykstra (President - Brunswick Bowling Products)

I wish every league I bowled used LeaguePals, I never carry cash... I'm literally making an extra trip to the ATM or bank just for bowling."

Tom Maggio III

I love LeaguePals, it makes my life easier and my customers love it as well... On a night where we use LeaguePals [exclusively], our center has recorded upwards of a 20% increase in bar sales mainly due to the fact that the bowlers have more cash in their pocket paying with LeaguePals."

Shawn Aiello (COO - Dougherty Family Centers, NJ)

Using the LeaguePals system has been super helpful to me. Before taking on this new role, I've only been a league bowler, and a standard front desk worker. Having this system as a part of my new role as a league coordinator in a new facility has made this undeniably easier for not just myself, but the center as well."

Sebastian Pettit (Bowling Manager - Junction Bowl, Gorham ME)

I liked the idea when I first heard it but I didn't know how much I loved it until I had to bowl another league without it. It's so easy. Click click and you're paid. I think everyone should try it."

Tom Toth

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