Dedicated to Leagues, Industry Leader Coconut Bowl at Wild Island Finds Answers To Their Challenges And More


"1. Remove traffic of league bowlers coming to control desks to make credit card payments.
2. Shift credit card fees from Center to bowlers
3. Transparency with league payments to research disputes.
4. Reduce Center labor at control desks AND workload on League Coordinator on the banking duties."


Coconut Bowl implemented LeaguePals Cloud League Scoring as well as Online Payments achieving a 99% online payment adoption rate and 81% Bowler Adoption Rate For The LP App.

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"1. League bowlers do not come to control desks any longer. Allows us to reduce labor and staff doesn't have to deal with the 'bowler' customer and the nuances that comes with them.
2. Reduced credit card fees to Center.
3. Transparency with league payments removes any subjectivity to disputes.
4. League Coordinator spends 90% less time performing banking duties associated with leagues. Frees him up to perform other functions within the Center.
5. Most the bowlers enjoy benefits of using app as payment method, 'instant' weekly league results & notifications function provide direct line of communication versus using social media or nothing at all."

Overcoming Resistance And Achieving A Successful Implementation

"1. Begin with small sample of leagues. We have about 30 leagues between summer & winter. Break in with a few leagues, expand knowledge base of software (at Center level) before rolling out to all leagues. We started with summer leagues (fewer of them) instead of winter.
2. Announce transition to LP to league officers first. Give them time to digest and explain the change. If they are 'educated" about LP and why the change, the messaging to the bowlers will be much more effective. Then announce to bowlers from the Center.
3. Support at Center level is critical to successful implementation.
3a. Training (group & one on one) for Secretaries
3b. Bowlers need to be able to talk to someone' in person for explanation and clarification. A Center representative must be able to have basic understanding of the software.
4. Do not make it an option on the management (stats) side. We gave leagues option on the payment piece in sympathy with the 5% fee. Not sure if this was best. We now have more leagues doing their own banking which gives less protection to the bowlers.
5. Messaging to Officers and Bowlers must be positive and honest. At no time did we claim LP was 'perfect' without challenges. However, we projected 100% confidence in the product reinforcing improved bowler value. I'd say 90-95% of bowlers really enjoy LP."

Future Goals

"We are a large, single location (for now) FEC. League bowling accounts for only 4% of our annual revenues. However, for us, league bowling provides intrinsic benefits to our operation other than revenue. League bowling remains a critical piece of our Monday - Thursday operations. We don't see that changing anytime soon."

LeaguePals Recommendation

"100% Yes..but effective implementation is critical to scaling LP for the reasons stated above."

- Todd Thompson
Wild Island Coconut Bowl